Saturday, January 8, 2022

Taliban who took over Afghanistan in August 2021, now creating their new army with the specific brigade of suicide bombers.

Friday, January 7, 2022

Snowfall affects normal life in Kashmir|MeT forecasts more snow today; 6 cancellations, 31 flight arrivals at Srinagar International Airport #JammuKashmir #Snowfall #GreaterKashmir #ANI

Modi Je is biggest drama creator - Raza | हमारे देश का पॉपगैंडा जीवी, 56 इंच वाला 20 मिंट नहीं टिक सका, दस हज़ार मिलिटरी के बाद भी खौफ #Punjab #India #Modi

Thursday, January 6, 2022

This video is for a Pakistani film. Pakistan for quite some time faced a cultural onslaught from religious extremism and fascist forces. Its films, music, dance survive under pressure. This film would be a mixture of cultural pressure and a quest to move forward with the pace of time.

Pakistan Want To Convene SAARC Conference At Islamabad | Pakistan would need India help otherwise it would not be possible.

Pakistan fall into a trap of its own making where its national unity would face difficulties. Politics and society is fact of life not faith or utopian ideas.

The Qur'an We Use Today As Per The Time Line, Is Not From The Companions Time But From The Abbasi Empire Time And Known As Hafs Where As Egypt And North Africa There Is Another Version Known as Warsh Quran.

Why Taliban not accepting Durand Line? Pakistan after 9/11 itself had projected Taliban as Pashtoon component of the politics. Discussion shed important light on the issue. #Taliban #Afghanistan #Pakistan

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Protesters have reportedly stormed and set fire to government offices in Kazahkstan's largest city, Almaty. This comes after Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev accepted the resignation of his government Wednesday following violent protests over surging fuel prices. #Kazakhstan #Almaty #DWNews #TheGuardian

India sent one million vaccines to Afghanistan | Pakistani public reaction is positive and friendly toward India | Enmity more at government level rather public. #Pakistan #India #Afghanistan #IML

پلومہ کے مقام پر حکومتی فورسسز اور مسلح مذہمت کے حامیوں کے درمیان جڑپ جاری ہے۔ حکومتی دعوائے کے مطابق مسلح مذہمت کے دو ارکان جنگ میں جان کی بازی ہار گے۔ جموں کشمیر میں شدید برف بھاری جاری ہے۔

HUNDREDS OF “scared” drivers have been left stranded for more than 15 hours with one man missing his dad’s funeral as temperatures plunged to 13F in parts of Virginia. #USA #Virginia #TheSun

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Indian TV claims that in developing case of ISIS Kerala Module Case: NIA Arrests Another Terror Operative in Karnataka; 12 Arrests So Far #Kerala #ISIS #RepublicTV

Tensions are escalating between the Taliban and the Pakistan security forces over border fencing at the Durand line. In recent weeks, there have been a number of clashes along the Durand line when the two sides exchanged fire. #Durandline #Pakistan #Afghanistan #Taliban #ZeeNews

Monday, January 3, 2022

#Turkey's annual #inflation rate surged to 36.1% last month, its highest in the 19 years Tayyip #Erdogan has in office, laying bare the depths of a currency #crisis engineered by the president's unorthodox interest rate-cutting policies. #Turkey #France24

Sunday, January 2, 2022

ہم جو تاریک راہوں میں مارے گئے۔ برصغیر کے مسلمانوں کا کلچر مسجد اور مدرسے کے زیر اثر ہے جہاں سے جاہلت، تنگ نظری، رٹا روبوٹ، نفرت اور خوف کے علاوہ کچھ نہیں ملتا۔ آج جس کسی کا جو بھی مذہب ہے یا نہیں، اس کی بنیاد جو جس گھر میں پیدا ہوا اسی سے اسے مذہب ملا ہے نہ کے اس مذہب کی بنیاد قران، حدیث، تاریخ یا شعوری فیصلہ ہے۔ مولوی کی روزی روٹی کا سبب مذہب ہے اس لیے اسے اپنے اقتدار کے جانے کا خوف ریتا ہے۔

The Satanic Verses And Evidence In Qur'an | Heating up Debate Between Scholars of Islamic Theology.

Youngs Targeted by Narcotic Profiteers in J&K | They Are Worse Victims ...

New Delhi had imposed authority over Jammu & Kashmir without the consent of the people or any legal backing and instead dissolved its own elected legislative assembly. Even three former Chief Ministers were placed under house arrest to stop their participation in a peaceful protest.

WHO chief optimistic that COVID19 will be beaten in 2022. It's been two years since the WHO set up an emergency crisis team in response to an outbreak of unusual pneumonia cases in the city of Wuhan, China. #COVID19 #Omicron #BBCNews #DWNews