Saturday, September 15, 2018

India and Pakistan need to cooperate with UN to solve the issue of JK in the interest of 1.5 billion people of Indian sub-continent.

We fully agree with the statement made at the floor of The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and hope for the protection of human rights workers in the conflict areas. We also expect that all sides will desist from violence in all its forms and formulation be that from armed opposition or state security forces which is the main source of suffering and human rights violation. The violence and meddling in the politics of the forcibly divided state of Jammu Kashmir for last 70 years and to continue denying the unity of the sate so that people can exercise their right to self-determination - is the main reason of conflict, violence and human rights violation.
It is high time for both the Governments, i.e. India and Pakistan to cooperate and allow UN to arrange and observe the election in both parts of the divided state, so, to enable the elected representatives of the people to formulate draft constitution to be put before people for final vote and permanent settlement of the political question. This is, in our view, the only way forward and to protect the basic human rights of the people and to steering the regional politics away from conflict and violence towards cooperation, peace and prosperity.

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