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The half of the population of Afghanistan was removed from society because of their gender, many of them are tortured, raped, and insulted in Taliban prisons - Parwana Ibrahimkhail Nijrabi

The text of Parwana Ibrahimkhail Nijrabi's statement at the 4th meeting in Vienna on Afghanistan.

Dear audience, ladies and gentlemen, hello! 

I am glad to be with you in this round of Vienna talks. This meeting and similar meetings show the determination of the national democratic forces of Afghanistan to find a solution to the existing impasse and the complex dimensions of the political crisis in Afghanistan. 
From here, I ask all of you to join the campaign to formalize the gender apartheid implemented by the Taliban and stand by the demands of women's rights. 
It is clear to everyone that the current crisis in Afghanistan is a product of the war and violence that the Taliban group has imposed on us in the country. 
The renewed dominance of this group in Afghanistan destroyed all the achievements that were achieved with the blood and sacrifice of the women and men of the country, and the 20-year efforts of the people have turned into despair.
You know better, that half of the population of Afghanistan was removed from society because of their gender, many of them are tortured, raped, and insulted in Taliban prisons, and today women are absolutely living in prison. 
Afghan men do not live better than women. Poverty and hunger, arrest, and disappearing into anonymity threaten them. 
Men are subjected to cruel and oppressive treatment by the Taliban, and they are not even allowed to dress and cut their hair. 
Our children are the spoils of war in the hands of the Taliban and this group recruits them.
You know very well that the Taliban's behavior towards children is in conflict with all human rights values ​​and actually represents trafficking and abduction, and there have been many examples of sexual abuse by this group. 
The Taliban suppress different ethnic groups, especially the ethnic groups that are not present at the decision-making levels of this group, torture and ill-treat religious and gender minorities in various ways, force girls into their marriages, and force the former security forces in many areas to They blackmail and even force them to give daughters to the commanders of this group. Numerous reports on this matter have been published in nearly three years through the media and human rights institutions.

Ladies and gentlemen! 

I have experience of street protests and Taliban prison. It is unbearable to live in the suffocation of the Taliban. It is enough for you to put yourself and your family members in the place of families under Taliban oppression. Feel the pain of your imprisoned sister and tortured brother, and then finding a solution will be easier. 
For three years we have been hearing that the anti-Taliban forces are not united; A belief that has become almost universal. While I am against such a narrative, I believe that by understanding the pain and agony of the people under Taliban rule, we will reach a common solution.
Is there anything more disturbing than the fact that we are in exile and our homeland is occupied by a terrorist proxy group? Is it not enough to unite?
Isn't the exclusion of women the reason for our unity? 
Doesn't the suffering of millions of people force us to go beyond our tastes?
Dear audience, I personally believe that Talib is not my compatriot and co-religionist and will not be; Therefore, with the same belief that the majority of the women of your country have reached, I ask you to put aside the past and think about the future of the country, the women and men of our land. 
Don't find and hide excuses in the hands of the enemy and supporters and let's unite to end the miserable situation of the country and unitedly support every movement and voice against the Taliban. People inside Afghanistan expect this meeting to become an address for the democratic future.
Our future will be determined right here, provided that we believe in the people and the future together, and do not put the science of resistance and freedom on the ground. Let's give women all-round support and believe in a bright tomorrow, the establishment of a democratic system, the establishment of peace and security, and the provision of justice and equality. 
May the people of Afghanistan be victorious!

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