Thursday, January 25, 2024

The Israelis who campaign to occupy Gaza. When Jordan and Egypt refused to accept refugees from Gaza, as to not fall into the trap, Israel started genocide of the population. 24000 Plasetinian killed so far in Gaza by Israel. #Palestine #Israel

What is settler colonialism?

Colonialism is the practice of foreign countries or groups of people to conquer and occupy so as to exercise control over the people, country, or area already living there. Settler colonialism is a form of colonialism, where people from foreign lands come to occupy, and create their own societies, which are distinct from the indigenous population, and seek to control land and resources and establish their own economy and system of governance.

The basic aim of the settler society is to control the land, it seeks to eliminate or forcibly remove the indigenous population and replace it with members of the settler population. This draws our attention to note that Jordan and Egypt refuse to accept people from Gaza, depriving the Israel war trap for colonial settlement using Hamas terror attack as a pretext. 

The latest figure by the UN sources, 24,000 Palestinians killed in Gaza so far which indicates that Israel's intent to genocide to make the space empty for Jewish settlers. 

This may be the main reason for Israel not accepting the ceasefire and continuing bombing and killing more and more Palestinians with the blessing of both the UK and the USA.

The Jewish settlers in this video are preparing to move into Gaza to settle down which proves Israel's intention beyond reasonable doubt that it was Israel's intent to genocide and also creates doubt about the Hamas terror attack in public mind as to whether or not Hamas was part of the Israel great conspiracy - the expansionis through settler-colonialism.  

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