Sunday, October 29, 2023

The Court of law in Qatar awarded death penalty to eight former Indian Navy personnel. Maj Gen Rajv Narayanan of the Indian Army said that "Dahra Global Technologies was a front company for mercenary recruitment. These ex-Indian Naval Officers were mercenary." #Qatar #India

Eight former Indian Navy officers were detained in August 2022 in Doha, Qatar. Charges against them were not made public, however, media reports suggested "spying for Israel". The detained men who worked in Qatar were allegedly involved in dubious activities connected to espionage.
They were working for Dahra Global Technologies, in Qatar and are now sentenced to death. Dahra Global Technologies was involved in the training of the Qatari Navy.

Major General Rajv Narayanan of the Indian Army who contributes his expert views on defense, security, and foreign relations said that Naval Officers awarded the death sentence in Qatar were mercenaries. 

Mr. Narayanan was giving his expert views to a YouTube channel in the Hindi Language that focuses on featuring military minds, said on 28 August 2023 that "Dahra Global Technologies was an undercover mercenary recruiter and these ex-Indian Naval Officers were providing mercenary services" in Qatar.    

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