Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Alabama police are seeking information from the public after a mass shooting at a sweet 16 birthday party. Four people were killed and twenty-eight people were injured #Alabama #MassShooting #USA

"At least four people have died and another 28 have been injured at a Sweet 16 birthday party in a small-town in Alabama - and President Biden weighed in on the tragic mass shooting.

Keke Nicole Smith was one of the four people killed in the massacre at Alexis Dowdell's birthday party Saturday night at Mahogany Masterpiece dance studio in Dadeville.

Dowdell's brother Philstavious 'Phil' Dowdell, a high school senior like Smith, was also killed.

Both were set to graduate high school in just weeks, according to The Outlook. Smith was the manager of the basketball and track teams at the school.

President Joe Biden used the shooting in Dadeville to once again slam Republicans in calling for gun control regulations Sunday afternoon.

'This is outrageous and unacceptable. Americans agree and want lawmakers to act on commonsense gun safety reforms.

'Instead, this past week Americans saw national Republican elected leaders stand alongside the NRA in a race to the bottom on dangerous laws that further erode gun safety. Our communities need and deserve better,' he said in a statement.

Police held a news conference on Sunday evening - but did not provide a possible motive for the shooting, nor did they say if any suspects were in custody.

Biden attempted to reach across the aisle by praising Republican Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, who signed an Executive Order to expand background checks.

'I hope more Republican officials will follow suit and take action,' Biden added.

Smith was a volleyball and softball player at the high school but after tearing her ACL junior year, turned to becoming a team manager.

Dadeville athletics coach Michael Taylor said that Smith and Dowdell were very similar people, energetic and very funny.

'She was full of love,' Taylor told The Outlook. 'Just like Phil, she was very, very humble and she had this huge smile like Phil had. She would joke around all the time, and she got onto all of us — even me. She was just full of life.'

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