Tuesday, September 13, 2022

US Worries That Europe Will Stop Following its Lead on Russia. The initial enthusiasm among European nations to support Ukraine come what may seems to be wearing off. #europe #usa #Russia #Firstpost #Time

"Yet, Ukraine’s latest success is unlikely to shorten the war. New confidence in Kyiv and public handwringing among Russians and their allies aside, Russian forces still have a firm grip on much of the Donbas region, on land seized along the Black Sea coast, and on the territory that connects them together. More worrisome, Ukraine’s advance may also make the war more dangerous. Putin now finds himself in a tight spot, and that should worry those who fear expansion of the war. Russia’s president has shown no sign during his political life that he will admit a mistake— certainly not one as big as this war—and reverse course. And though he insists Russia is at war with the West and its military alliance, a claim made more credible by Western military and financial backing for Ukraine’s army, he has avoided changing the rules of engagement to widen the conflict beyond Ukraine’s borders." Read more.

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